Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Fish Catfish

Unlike catfish, which are generally dark in color, this pink catfish. Even if exposed to sunlight, the catfish was transformed into an orange color. According to Ali, the catfish was first discovered on Sunday (7/3/2010) ago. At that time, intend to drain the pond catfish in-law owned Rancabolang region. Suddenly after drained, Ali found the two other colors catfish.

Ali confessed to some people the chance to ask acquaintances who know about catfish. According to them, the catfish are spelled unique and rarely found. Moreover, he continued, the catfish that can change color to orange.

"If I do not know because the length has not been measured. But the weight of catfish at about 7 ounces. Because we do not have aquarium, catfish were temporarily stored in a plastic tub. If the night like jump out of the tub, "said Ali.

Ali added that when buying seeds Catfish three months ago, she did not see the pink seeds. All the seeds that he bought, colored gelap.ia claimed was surprised, so finding a pink catfish

Recognize the symptoms of Animals Arrival of Earthquake

But what if the instinct of these animals can detect earthquakes? We know when to date a man can not predict when an earthquake disaster strikes so many people fall victim, like in Chile, Japan, Haiti, Sumatra, etc.. Uniquely before the earthquake many reports from residents who saw a strange animal behavior peliharaanya or viewed on the zoo.

Here are some behavior is not normal or abnormal in the animals before the earthquake were reported by local people, among them:

1. Horses and donkeys they did not eat, but animals are even jumping and kicking to get out of the cage
2. Goat refuse to go back to the cage
3. Cats and dogs take their children out of the house
4. Pig strange noises
5. Chicken leaving sometime in the middle of mala,
6. The fish are usually located in the deep, cold waters of a sudden be in the shallow and warm waters
7. Dog biting or excessive barking
8. Lions or tigers who usually sleep during the day, walking in circles in his cage
9. The fish suddenly gathered in the middle of the pond
10. Apes running around like frightened
11. Bats flying in the afternoon leaving the nature reserve
12. The birds suddenly moved away from the shore, ignoring the scattered fish when the tide is low.
13. The elephants took out loud shriek like a trance and ran toward the higher regions.
14. The chickens stop laying eggs
15. Catfish active act, jumping jacks out of the pond or lake

Tardigrades, Animals That Can live in Outer Space

Tardigrades (known as Water Bears) are part of supefilum Ecdysozoa, phylum Tardigrada. The size is very small, live in water, with a total of eight feet. Tardigrades Eprhaim was first described by Goeze in 1773. The name Tardigrada means "slow walker" given by Spallanzani (1777). Tardigrades adult body length is 1.5 mm, the smallest size of 0.1 mm, 0.05 mm-sized larvae.

Tardigrades can be found in all parts of the world, ranging from Himalayan peaks hinngga the ocean floor, and from the poles to the equator. The most popular place where . On the beach, land and in water can be found this mini beast.

The most interesting part of this animal is its ability to adapt in a very extreme environment. Tardigrades can survive in a frozen environment (0oC) up in a high temperature (151oc). It can even withstand radiation 1,000 times higher than the amount of radiation in which other living things can survive. Therefore, animals known as tardigrades polyextremeophiles. With this capability, tardigrades are living creatures that can survive a nuclear war or another natural disaster is extreme. Even tardigrades can live for 120 years in dry conditions.

Another unique capability of tardigrades are able to survive in conditions of space vacuum. In one study tardigrades can survive for as long as 10 days in outer space environment. Tardigrades are mengangkasa use spacecraft FOTON-M3 by the European Space Agency, can survive vacuum, exposed to cosmic rays, and can even survive the UV radiation of the sun 1000 times higher than the radiation at the earth's surface.

A fish predator from in Papua New Guinea

Cork types of fish are hooked even drink blood and can have up to one meter long. Director Australian Research Centre for Freshwater Damien Burrows said that this fish could be a major threat to Australian native wildlife.

"There are a number of fish that are now on the southern coast of Papua New Guinea, directly adjacent to the Saibai Island and Torres Strait Islanders," said Burrows.

It is feared, fish species can be up to Australia and arrived in the area prey on local fish.

These fish can live in poor environmental conditions, aided by their ability to breathe air and can travel overland. This predatory fish like fish in general has a pectoral fin. Amazingly, these fish can climb a tree.

Who is built the pyramids?

Egyptian archaeologists discovered a new tomb belonging to the workers who built the great pyramid. This illustrates how the workers lived and ate more than 4000 years ago.

Thousands of people who build the remaining wonders of the ancient world was accustomed to eating meat regularly, three months working in shifts, and given the honor of burial in the tomb of mud bricks in the shadow of the sacred pyramid that they do.

"Newly discovered tomb was in the 4th dynasty of Egypt (2575 BC to 2467 BC) when the great pyramid was built," according to the head of the Supreme Council of Ancient Egypt, Zahi Hawass Goods. A number of tombs of the pyramid builders was first discovered in the area in 1990. These findings indicate that workers are paid, not a slave to the popular imagination.

"This tomb was built beside the tomb of the king that the pyramid shows that these people can not in any way is called a slave," Hawass said in a statement. "If they were slaves, they would not be able to build next to the tomb of their king," he said.

Evidence from the site, Hawass said, showed that some 10,000 workers who worked to build some pyramids were supplied at least 21 cows and 23 sheep to eat them every day from farms in northern and southern Egypt. The workers were rotated every three months. Burial site is intended for workers who died during construction.

"Discoveries like this reveal other aspects of ancient Egyptian society, rather than mere stone monuments and temples are often visited by priests, the rulers, and nobles," said Salima Ikram, a professor of Egyptology at the American University , Cairo, Egypt.

"It is important to find the tomb belonging to lower class people are not made of stone that tells of the social organization and the relative wealth of many people," he said

Facebook From China

Although there are similarities with Facebook, there is one significant difference from the U.S. social networking site Facebook and social networks of China, such Renren or SNS. China supported the social gaming sites use virtual items. Even popular games on Facebook Farmville also originated from China.

An international business consultant in China-American half-breed who lives in Beijing and worked in one of the leading online video service, Kaiser Kuo said there are three leading social networking site in China. is China's most successful social networking. Initially this site as a clone of Facebook and called which means 'on campus' in China. In August 2009 the site changed its name to Renren, which means "everyone". Renren has 70 million registered users at present. This site is owned by Oak Pacific Interactive and already has more than U.S. $ 400 million injected by the investor Softbank.

This site was established in December 2005, shortly after Facebook began operating. Its founder Wang Xing later founded Fanfou, clone Twitteryang eventually also very popular.

Physically when the start is the cloning of Facebook, with the same color blue and the same layout as well. ReadWriteWeb guest writer Gang Lu wrote in her blog in June 2008, when first launched as sederhanadari version of Facebook in the language of China.

He noted the same layout, same color scheme and even the logos are very similar. It makes one wonder whether there is an official relationship with Facebook.

Other social networks are very popular Kaiser says users of social networking is predominantly "white-collar middle class" and biasanyadari big cities.

Kaiser noted that very popular among the people who work for multinational companies, advertising agencies, and other white-collar companies. Therefore, this site became valuable because of the relatively rich user base.

The third social networking sites are very popular in China is According to Kaiser's service is widely used by people who live in "second cities" as well as rural areas.

Each of the three social networking is very popular in China and has its own niche. Renren as mainstream, Kaixin001 a more prestigious and a populist

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wonders of the World Jembatan Aka / Bridge Made From The Roots

Who came in jambatan aka (root bridge) must be chuckling in admiration, who does not admire the two roots of trees whose roots are connected across the river into a bridge that can be passed 10 people. Here he's flagship tourist attraction of South Coastal District which is one of the most unique bridges in the world. a strong bridge and the bridge between the two regions Jorong (Hamlet) and Puluik-Lubuak Puluik silau, Lubuak silau Village, District of North Bayang, South Coastal District, West Sumatra.

The distance from the location of Padang about 82 Kilometers or two-hour trip with two-wheeled vehicles and private cars, the road can also contact the Muko-Muko, Bengkulu Province. When he arrived at the location you have to come down as far as 50 meters from the highway.

The thunder of a clear stream will increase the natural beauty of the area let alone stem the root bridge (creek) shadow that separates the two villages were very clear water. It was said that if the bath under the root bridge will soon be sustenance and soul mate, whether it's been proven? Can not be answered.

Because the area is considered sacred, nothing wrong with fasting ahead of many who came to this area for Balimau (purify themselves before fasting) to charitable activities during the fasting month can receive the power.

From the information summarized one of the successful community leaders and youth chairman Pulik-puluik, Herman Bandaro Datuak Rajo, the bridge was made because of a scholar named Pakih Sokan sorry to see students Pulik-mengajinya from puluik often do not come because the flow is often swollen stem shadows .

"It used to be a bridge made of bamboo, but are often damaged by stem derunya shadows, emerged the idea of teachers Pakih Pohan to make a bridge from the root,

In the year 1916 Pohan Pakih planted two sticks ox-ox (a type of banyan tree broad-leaf), tree-ox ox is planted in two locations one in Pulik-puluik area and one in the glare Lubuak stem separated by shadows. Then the roots are dangling in woven bamboo rod made of bone bridge as the root bridge. After 3 years the roots of two trees-ox ox is linked but not impassable.

Then Pakih Pohan mandabiah held goat (goat) and mandarai aka (giving blood at the root of that link). "This is a sign of thankfulness that ox-ox roots connected already linked, as a sign of convergence will happen again,

To make a bridge impassable takes over 20 years so the bridge can be taken Puluik-puluik citizens who want to want to Lubuak glare.

Until now the bridge measuring 30 meters long and 1 meter wide with a height from the surface of the shadow rod about 10 feet and at the age of the bridge is already 93 years and still can be passed from the local residents Pulik-puluik as many as 25 heads of families as well as citizens who want to kedaerah Pulik-puluik.

Below the bridge is the root of the prohibition of fish that should not be provoked and taken, the fish ban was in the depths of the position under the root bridge.

If we waste food fish swarmed out of food stocked. Tourist sites are also used as a bath-shower because the water was fresh and had rocks and often used as a location for white water rafting lovers of nature.

In order for this unique bridge over manicured contracted Regency South Coast area in Rajo Bandaro Datuak Herman, one-year contract Regency South Coast as a tourist location.

"Regency South Coast region is contracted for 5 years with a value of Rp15 million, and all the cleaning and maintenance handed over entirely to local residents, ticket worth Rp1.500, to Rp 1,000 paid to the regency, including cleaning fee, while the Rp500 to donate to Madrasah Diniyah Awaliyah (MDA) in the neighborhood, "he explained.

In addition to more durable and stronger local people to establish roots hanging down, but it was grown roots, if roots are still white could not be established later died, so wait if the color is yellow and the size of the root of a new adult thumb woven. Once established and new roots were covered with the same woven banana trunks as a coolant, because the food ox-ox roots from the stems of banana.

Once a month residents give banana trunks as fertilizer to be more powerful and well groomed.

If seen from the number of visitors when on holidays and late Sunday the number reaches 200 to 500 people but if the Lebaran day reach the end of 1000 more people from different areas in both West Sumatra and from outside. In order to bridge through which the visitors did not end there were two people who maintain these bridges to manage people through. Until now the bridge is still standing strong roots of a series of ox-ox.